Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Rain Room

Ever wanted to enjoy the rain without actually getting wet?  The drops would magically part for you as you walked down the street?  This past summer that experience was made possible by the art group rAandom International.

image via tumblr

A beautifully simplistic idea, the logistics proved very challenging as they discuss in the video below.  They also mention an important part of the experience: walking to the edge and trusting that when you step through you will not get wet. 

They've noticed that while the audience goes in with the idea of somehow controlling the rain, in the end, the rain controls the audience.  How they move and they pace they walk, providing for an emotional and physical experience.

Or maybe it's not all that deep.  Maybe you're just the kid shouting, "I've got magic hands!"

The exhibit first debuted in London then was made available in the U.S. this past summer at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  According to The New York Times, some people waited 5 to 9 hours just to experience a 10 minute walk through the rain.

 Beautiful images have popped up all over the web, including dance choreography and marriage proposals.

image via Random International

The Rain Room - Random International from Gramafilm on Vimeo.

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