Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Book Whisperer and minor relapses

Went to the bookstore.  Totally intended to just browse, kill time, etc. because I have been on a self mandated 2 step program to quit spending money on books.  The steps are:

1. Don't walk into a bookstore.  Go to library instead.

2. If first step is broken, do not buy anything from said bookstore.  Just enjoy the general ambiance, take note of titles that interest, and leave to go to library.

I've been doing really, really good, honestly, but I relapsed because of the this amazing Barnes and Noble manager that I overheard helping another girl who was looking for a good mystery.  The manager was naming off books so enthusiastically I was sort of...drawn in??   (Help!!??  I'm relapsing!!  The books, they want me to buy them, ahhh!)

So naturally I eavesdropped until she was done with them and asked her about one book she had mentioned and she said,
 "OH! YOU WILL LOVE IT!  It's over here, I just love, love this book.  I've read it three times."  She then picked it up and held it to her face and began stroking it.  "Look how pretty the cover is?  You will love it.  And! If you like British authors, you will like this too..." and she led me to another author, who I had actually already read and adored so I was impressed.  This woman was a real, live Book Whisperer.  (How did she know I would love that one book, which is not a terribly popular book?  How did she know I'm a sucker for pretty covers? Also, would she be willing to be my new best friend?)

I'm back on the program, at least for the next month, but I can't say I regret going into B&N yesterday.  My taste in books is wide and varied but these are both sweet, whimsical reads with quirky characters.  So far I am liking Garden Spells but I just started it so we will see.

The book she held to her face and stroked lovingly: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
The one I had already read and loved: A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff


  1. I know! I try not to buy anything from book stores because they are so expensive. I order a lot of my books from unless I can get them cheaper used on Amazon.
    I just ordered 4 books.
    The Great Gatsby, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Kafka on the Shore, and Norwegian Wood.
    Glad you're back to blogging!

  2. you think these will be at the library? lol

  3. I have the Vintage Affair on my to-read list and I think I will add Garden Spells!