Tuesday, March 6, 2012

John Hinde- old school photographer ahead of his time

"While travelling with the circus for twelve years, and in the years after, he began to take colour photographs of the Irish countryside. During this time, Ireland was becoming a popular destination for tourists. Black and white postcards were favoured because it was felt that this method could better capture the romantic landscape of Ireland. Hinde, a colour photographer, tried to find a way in which he could achieve the same or better effect with the addition of colour, something that would set his pictures apart from all the others. He hoped to capture the vividness of the Irish countryside, as well as the imagination of his audience. With much thought, he came up with a method that blended Irish stereotypes (donkeys, red-headed children, etc.) and the lush, seemingly endless, landscape with bright colours." 

He started shooting color photos in the later 1940s and finally sold his company in the 70s to pursue painting.  He met his wife at the circus (she was a trapeze artist).  He died in 1998.  What an interesting life.


Go view more of his fantastic work  here



  1. Wow, these color photos are truly remarkable. What a man.

  2. I didn't want to reply on my blog and you not read it, but if you come to Monroe/Antique Alley you better let me know! I would love to meet you face to face! :)

  3. This artist is so cool! What a fun and unique concept to come up with, especially in Ireland during a time when black and white photos were "the thing".

    I love rebels :)