Monday, February 27, 2012

A Dawning Horror and Breakfast Plates

I did some major cleaning today.  I can't believe I let it get so bad.  Ugh, you know when you are just so behind in everything that cleaning the house just seems overwhelming so you just keep ignoring it....and it keeps getting worse....

The in-laws came into town unexpectedly to eat with us, I was at work and didn't even know they were in town, so my husband went with them and then they surprised me at work.

And when I saw them my first thought was this dawning horror that they'd stopped by the house first and saw my clean laundry strewn on the love seat we never use, and all of my art supplies scattered half way to our living room, and that morning's breakfast bowl (and maybe the morning before that's breakfast plate...don't judge) all dried and crusty on the kitchen counter.

All of these images are flashing through my mind like those scenes in a movie where someone is about to die and those small seemingly insignificant moments flash before their eyes and they're all amazed because they don't think about big events but things like that time they taught their kid how to tie a shoe and stuff.
So I'm not thinking about the suitcase full of dirty clothes from our trip in the living room but things like the layer of dust and um, when was they last time I swept the entry hall? etc.

If you're panicking right now don't worry.  My husband saw all of these things flash through my face when I looked at him completely panicked like "you did NOT let them inside the house right?  RIGHT!?!?" (cue crazy eyes with veins popping).  But no, he hadn't.  We've been married almost three years now and he's got it figured out.   That weird sense of pride women get in a clean home the moment they're married that I personally could have cared less about when living with my best friend/roommate for two and half years. 

Which brings me to how glad I am that I took today to clean my home so it's an enjoyable and peaceful space to come home to.  Why did I avoid cleaning it again?


  1. Hahah I can 100% sympathise. My husband and I have only been married/lived together a bit over a year, and he's finally starting to get my freak outs about the house being 'visitor clean'. The poor guy was probably a bit confused for quite a while, since like you my room wasn't all that tidy when I still lived at home!

  2. I'm exactly the same! I would've had a similar vein-popping scenario if it was me. :-D

    Liesl xxx