Thursday, January 26, 2012

"I just want it, darling, don't ask me why" 

Featuring items that are frivolous and fairly useless.
Here we go.

Chair that won't match anything in my house

Adorable!  I could totally use this

A library ladder!  Like the one Belle slides around on at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast?  Whatever.  You know what I'm talking about.

These are cute little note cards you can use to leave someone a sweet message or as conventional cards for gifts and things

Examples of What's Inside

Light shimmery pink polish but I really just want the bottle

1. Louis chair
2. Birds On a Wire
3. Library Ladder
4. Polaroid Notes
5. Anna Sui Nail Color


  1. I would love a library ladder and that chair is beautiful!

  2. OH, that chair is gorgeous! But you're totally right! It won't go with anything and no one would be allowed to sit on it anyway... ;-)

  3. That chair is awesome, and I've always wanted a library like in Beauty and the Beast too. Sigh.

    P.s. I ended up reading "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" - pretty good! I have a problem now that I have an ipad, in that once people suggest something and since downloading it is so quick/easy I have spent way too much money on random books.

    1. OMG me too! I got a Kindle for Christmas and I do the same thing...can'

  4. I LOVE that chair! I would love a room full of bookshelves packed with books. That is my dream.

    1. I want a room like that day!!!