Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Just Want It, Darling, Don't Ask Me Why

Today is a new feature I'm starting called,

"I just want it, darling, don't ask me why"

Featuring items that are frivolous and fairly useless,
but if I had all the room and money in the world...
Here we go.

A typewriter (to write letters with?)

 Awesome Green Tissue Box Cover

Vintage phone even though we don't have a landline

Cat Lipstick, yes please

 A chalkboard wall, as featured in the fantastic movie, 500 Days of Summer

Ok, now this is somewhat useful and completely adorable.

1. This is actually a photograph on sale at Etsy here
(But I want that typewriter not the photograph.)
5. Not sure where to find this but the movie and soundtrack are awesome
6. White Owl Bone China Nightlight by White Rabbit England


  1. I love the name of this segment. I also love the pink typewriter and yellow phone. ♥


  2. haha I like the title. That cat lipstick is pointless and adorable :)

  3. Ah I love this stuff! My grandmother had a typewriter from when she was a little girl that my dad found recently and is going to bring me when he visits next. I can't wait!

    I love to go to garage/yard sales and thrift stores because you can find some of the best stuff there! I found an antique rotary wall phone last year that is just awesome!

  4. I totally "need" all these things! ;-) I adore the pink typewrite!!

  5. Love the typewriter! My mom has an old one stashed in her garage. I told her I wanted it and she looked at me like I was crazy!