Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fresh, Clean, and White

Today I am feeling incredibly motivated to get back on track with several things in my life, my house cleaning including.  I woke up early and I have been a cleaning monster all morning.  I am in the that crazy mode where I want to give stuff away, deep clean, dust, wash linens, buy a lot of clean whites and a add a few pops of fresh green plants.  Don't EVEN TRY AND STOP ME!!  You think I'm kidding but no, yesterday I went and bought a lot of white towels and some things to organize with and I am getting it done, son.  To inspire myself:

Now all I need is for someone to buy me that tub...

source, source, source, and pinterest


  1. I love white and neutral tones. It just feels so clean and natural. That tub is awesome!