Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yarn Bombing - an explosion of unexpected color

This bus in entirely covered in yarn by artist, Magda Sayeg, who is self -proclaimed as the mother of yarn bombing (or "graffiti knitting", how awesome is that?), now a worldwide phenomenon.  So please in following years observe International Yarnbombing Day, which was first observed on June 11, 2011...say whaaaat?!)  Google it and you will find all sorts of amazing pictures: 

Magda Sayeg

by the JaFagirls here

image from http://www.knittedlandscape.com


I love this lil guy.

Go check out
Magda Sayeg's website www.knittaplease.com - which makes knitting into a gorgeous public form of fine art
http://www.knittedlandscape.com - which features landscape knitting
http://yarnbombing.com/ - who are "improving the urban landscape one stitch at a time"
http://tightknitthebomb.wordpress.com/ - a social project blog involving knit graffiti


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  2. That is so freaking cool! love the mushrooms lol, so cute =)