Monday, December 26, 2011

Artist: Kate Shaw

I found this artist off of a great blog/website run by blogger and art consultant Kate Singleton.  She has a fantastic eye and serves up great art you've never seen before with every post.  I love bold colors so I instantly fell in love with these pieces she recently featured by Kate Shaw.

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From Kate Shaw's artist statement:

"The paint pours comprise of acrylic paint, inks and mediums. I am fascinated by the way the movement of the paint mimics something from the natural world such as a lava flow, a landslide, an avalanche. Within the dried paint pour I look for something that looks like a tree branch, a cliff or a mountain and then cut and collage the pieces. I use airbrush to achieve sky and watery effects and finally resin as a finishing surface. I have been influenced by the way a painter such as Laura Owens uses various techniques in the ‘vocabulary’ of painting to make it evident to the viewer that we are ‘completing’ the painting.  My paintings aim to convey ideas of nature, alchemy and creation by operating on one level as a landscape another as abstraction."

Really interesting work and so bold.  Love it.

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